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(Step 1)   Choose your card quantity or special order item and purchase

(Step 2)   Inquiry Tutorial (Tips and Hints)

(Step 3)   Fill out the online form

(Step 4)   Check your email for messages from Marcella

(Step 5)   Download your reading and/or have it printed.




Choose your card quantity or special order item

Go to the Tarot Reading Order page and choose the Card quantity

Click on the 'ADD' button

Type in your promotional code if you have one (Get Codes Here)

Click on 'Update Cart'

Continue to checkout by clicking on the Paypal button

Complete your purchase and find your transaction ID

Review your order details and log into your PayPal account

Choose your funding method within Paypal and confirm your purchase

You will receive emails from both PayPal and from the Shopping Cart.

The PayPal email contains your Transaction ID#

The Purchase Instruction email contains a link to the Mystic Marcella online Inquiry Form.










Inquiry tutorial ( Tips and Hints)

Your Tarot Reading Story is written to reveal perspectives and possibilities that could inspire action, reveal connections, and illuminate opportunities and obstacles.

You will be able to achieve the greatest clarity and understanding of the messages presented by your Tarot Reading Story by phrasing your Inquiry properly and aligning your expectations about the content of the Reading.

Who is the Querent?

You - the seeker of knowledge - the person asking the question or making the inquiry to the Tarot cards is called the Querent.

The following tips and hints will help you:

Pre-compose (type or write) your inquiry BEFORE filling out the Inquiry Form

Think carefully about how to phrase and present your Inquiry.

Please avoid:

1) Asking a 'yes' or 'no' question.

2) Asking about someone else's situation. The Tarot Story only reveals insight into YOUR connections.

Approach your Inquiry as if you are a tourist and are asking:

1) "How do I get to the museum?"

2) "What should I see or do while in your country?"

3) "Could you translate this for me?"

Examples of the good and not-so-good:

Will I meet the person I am going to marry this year?

First off, this is a 'yes' or 'no' question. Second, the Inquiry does not open any channels to receiving meaningful Tarot Story messages.

What opportunities will there be for me in the next 12 months to meet a potential life partner? How can I recognize those opportunities and make myself available to meeting the love of my life?

This is a dual question, but that is OK. The motivation behind this Inquiry is very open to a rich and effective Tarot Reading Story. If a six-card or nine-card spread is purchased - a timeline overlay could be applied to help with validation moments.

My husband thinks he will be laid off. Will we lose the house if that happens?

This is a mixed Inquiry that needs to be improved. The Tarot will only answer questions about YOU - and the second half of the Inquiry is a 'yes' or 'no' question. It should be re-written with more care and more introspectively.

If our family finances are suddenly reduced because my husband is laid off, how can I emotionally support my husband and children and find a way to contribute monetarily to keep from losing our home?

This question is better because it is about what YOU can do either in reaction or action. The question also includes some level of information about YOUR environment, YOUR fears, and YOUR hope for diverting calamity.

Don't ask if you are not open to listening

Quite simply, if you are just 'testing' the Tarot, or are getting multiple readings in hopes of hear the answer you want - the Tarot Reading Story may not be right for you at this time.

It might be just as effective to consult a Magic 8 Ball.

In the Tarot Reading Story the messages are called by you through your Inquiry, revealed by the Tarot cards, and woven intuitively into a thoughtful interpretation by Marcella.

It is important to understand the Story that unfolds is meant for those whose connections are 'open' and 'receptive' at the very start of the Inquiry.



Fill out the online Inquiry Form

The Tarot Inquiry Form is your communication portal to both Mystic Marcella and the Tarot cards. Please try to pre-compose your Inquiry and fill out the Inquiry Form in a quiet and meditative environment.

TV off, cell phone off, few distractions -  just YOU engaging in few minutes of thoughtful concentration will help you send the best 'wireless' vibes to Marcella.


Check your email for messages from Marcella

As soon as your completed Inquiry Form is received, a confirmation  receipt is sent to your inbox.

Marcella will verify the payment information and read through your Inquiry. If your Inquiry is clear and has followed the above guidelines, Marcella will queue up your Inquiry to be answered with a Tarot Reading Story within 48 hours.

If something is not clear, or Marcella's schedule is full, you will receive a correspondence with further information.


Download your reading

The final email you receive contains a link to your completed Personal Tarot Reading Story. Marcella recommends that you download the .pdf file and keep a copy on your computer.



Flip book example of Clarity 1-2-3 Tarot Reading StoryOrder a full color printed booklet of your Tarot StoryMystic Marcella has chosen HP MagCloud as a print portal for your Tarot Reading Story. Magcloud is a full service on-demand print service that offers very reasonable prices on single print orders that result in professional color and bindings.

Your Tarot Reading Story email contains a PRIVATE link for you to order a full color, glossy paper, bound, booklet style printed reference of your Tarot Reading Story. This link is not available to anyone but you. The link will remain active for 14 days.


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